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Re: Tracking RFSs as bugs

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Hi Paul,

On 06.09.2011 16:49, Paul Wise wrote:
> I'm concerned that this might turn out about as useful as filing an
> RFP bug against wnpp; not very useful at all.

I am not sure, a mailing list is better suited. I was not thrilled to
use the BTS when I heard about that idea first, but the more I think
about, the more attractive it gets.

To be honest, the current procedure does not work very well either. Some
RFS mails are lost in space due to the high volume of requests. The same
happens for some comments when the maintainer files a new RFS thread
instead of replying to existing reviews and so on. Finally, nobody knows
simple things as "how many packages are out there which are seeking an
uploader", or "what's the status of a particular RFS", without digging
mailing list archives.

By using the BTS all those features come for free:

* We can merge, retitle, reassign bugs.

* We can tag and categorize bugs ("pending", "reviewed", ...)

* We can easily see which packages are awaiting a sponsor (ok, that
could be seen on Debexpo as well - but I don't think the "Needs a
sponsor" flag ever helped to find one.)

* You can finally close bugs with "wontfix" i.e. wontupload instead of
politely hoping the requester goes away.

* We can track the entire history of an upload easily at one sight. Just
open the bug.

* Its easy to tell Debexpo about the status of a package - it can just
use SOAP to query the BTS, instead of guessing/parsing mails from
mentors and devel-changes ...

* No more broken/incomplete RFS mails anymore (reportbug could take
care, or even Debexpo could be filing the bug)

* Its convenient and controllable through a handy mail interface to sponsors

* Having the debian-mentors mailing list as pseudo package owner still
discloses every RFS mail to the public easily.

I can live to keep things as is, but please let's decide NOW, BEFORE I
spent a lot of time for writing interfaces in Debexpo to either solution.

- -- 
with kind regards,
Arno Töll
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