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Re: RFS: dwm

* Jeremy Allard <elvis4526@gmail.com> [110831 07:32]:
> PS: I'm not really sure if it is te correct way to this. Please, correct me
> if i'm wrong. I know that dwm is already present in main, but its oudated
> and I have no news from the maintainer that i contacted by email a week ago.
> I would be thankfull if you could give me any advice on my package so i can
> make it better.
> Kind regards,


Dwm is indeed part of the archive. Contacting the maintainer was a
good idea (a wishlist bug could have been enough, too), but one week
is a very short amount of time. What you are trying to do (orphaning
the package #639657) could be considered "an aggressive takeover" :-)

Another thing is that your source package does reuse the current one
at all (lintian complains about left dh_make templates). To hack on
packages, it's a better idea to start from the existing (that you can
obtain with apt-get source) and maybe to use a VCS helper such as
git-buildpackage ; that's what the maintainer is doing and you can see
his work on http://git.webconverger.org/?p=dwm .

If you want to upgrade dwm, the best thing to do is probably to wait a
little more for an answer from the maintainer. In the meantime, you
can prepare a new version on top of his work, and submit that to him.
If you don't have more news, then you can consider looking for a
sponsor for a NMU.

Etienne Millon

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