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Re: mentors.dn package removal request

Excerpts from Gergely Nagy's message of Sun Aug 28 16:13:55 -0400 2011:
> Hi!
> The Q&A on mentors.d.n wasn't quite clear on whom I shall contact in
> cases like this, but figured there's no harm asking on -mentors@ either:

Hi there! If it's a support question, which this mostly is, then I suggest
emailing support@m.d.n.

I'm happy to answer here for now, though!

> Someone, somewhen uploaded a dpatch 2.0.31-1[1] package to mentors.d.n,
> before it became debexpo. That version is well.. lets just say,
> obsolete. However, it still shows up on the dpatch PTS page[2], which is
> kind of annoying. I've tried emailing the uploader at the end of July,
> but haven't heard back yet, so I'm asking here now: is there any way to
> remove that version from mentors.d.n, so that the PTS stops suggesting I
> sponsor it?

Sure -- I could remove it. I'd rather, though, say we should fix the PTS
to only show versions of packages greater than the ones in Debian.

Can you file that bug against the PTS? I don't removing it from m.d.n
once you have done so.

-- Asheesh.

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