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request for pkg review (ITP #538067)


it is been a while since our last review of the OpenCPN
packaging, and the stable release we were working towards
has now shipped. Our .deb packaging efforts await further

source tarball:

debian/ packaging files:
  svn co svn://svn.debian.org/pkg-grass/packages/opencpn/trunk/debian

earlier review+comments can be found in the ITP:

You'll notice our source tarball is labeled dfsg. This is because
there were some included DLLs to help build the MS Windows
version of the program which we didn't need/want for the Linux
build, the source code itself is untouched.

With respect to that, the one unanswered question Anton & myself
had was if the version in debian/changelog needed to exactly
match the filename of the source package? i.e. do we need to
include "dfsg" in the version number?

I would prefer not to as our build is bit-for-bit identical to
the upstream source distribution, and amending the version number
gives the impression that upstream is somehow not DFSG. There
was some talk that pbuilder had issues with the .orig.tar.gz
version number having to match the final binary package number.
Is there a work around? Does there have to be? (I mean do the
debian buildbots care if the source.orig.tar.gz version exactly
matches?)  I am using debuild and don't experience the problem


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