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Re: RFS: spice

* Liang Guo <bluestonechina@gmail.com>, 2011-07-24, 12:24:
I override configure-generated-file-in-source lintian warnings, for spice_0.8.2.orig-celt.tar.gz come with config.log and config.status and debian/rules will delete them.
- dget http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/s/spice/spice_0.8.2-1.dsc

You shouldn't need to override these warnings if the clean target would just seriously delete them (not as make distclean but plain rm -f). Alternatively you could stuff them into debian/clean. That should get rid of the warning and thus the need to override.
The lintian warning configure-generated-file-in-source is caused by upstream celt package, it comes with config.log and config.status, to remove this lintian warning, I need repack spice_0.8.2.orig-celt.tar.gz which I think it is not nessary.

That's right. This is what lintian-info says:

N: configure-generated-file-in-source
N:   Leaving config.cache/status causes autobuilders problems. config.cache
N:   and config.status are produced by GNU autoconf's configure scripts. If
N:   they are left in the source package, autobuilders may pick up settings
N:   for the wrong architecture.
N: N: The clean rule in debian/rules should remove this file. This should
N:   ideally be done by fixing the upstream build system to do it when you
N:   run the appropriate cleaning command (and don't forget to forward the
N:   fix to the upstream authors so it doesn't happen in the next release).
N:   If that is already implemented, then make sure you are indeed cleaning
N:   it in the clean rule. If all else fails, a simple rm -f should work.
N: N: Note that Lintian cannot reliably detect the removal in the clean
N:   rule, so once you fix this, please ignore or override this warning.

However, lintian info is wrong in one aspect: clean target is not the correct place to remove these files. The purpose of the clean target is to remove stuff *after* the build, which is of course way to late. The files should be removed in the build target instead.

Jakub Wilk

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