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Re: RFS: xnoise (2nd try)

Hello Alessandro Ghedini,

I tried to implement all your points. I reuploaded the packages to
debian mentors.
I have some comments to your testings, see below:

>  + IMHO the Section should be "sound" instead of "x11".

"sound" doesn't seem to fit right, because xnoise is a media player
and also does video. If you find something more fitting, please

>  + It may be a good idea to split the plugins in a separate package,
>  something like xnoise-plugins. It would move some of the Depends out of
>  the main package, so that users are not forced to install them all if not
>  needed. You may then Suggests or Recommends it from the main package.

Now, I splitted the xnoise-plugins into a seperate package, but I'm
not really happy with that. Xnoise will be able to run without them,
but these are kind of core plugins that I'd prefer to deliver with the
xnoise package. Please comment.

> - debian/xnoise.install:
>  + This lists "usr/lib/xnoise/*.so", isn't that file better installed in
>  the -dev package?

No, the library contains all functionality and is part of the xnoise
package. The /usr/bin/xnoise binary is only used to start the program.
Having the program in a library allows me to do more automated

> - debian/watch:
>  + You may want to use the googlecode.debian.net redirector. Something like
>    http://googlecode.debian.net/p/xnoise/xnoise-(\d+.*)\.tar\.bz2

done. nice to have that redirector.

Thanks for testing!

Best regards

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