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Re: RFS: webhoneypot (4th and last try)

Hi Christian,

I had a quick look at your package, and here are some remarks.

First, the project's page mention the following:
"This project is used to develop the honeypot. Do not use this code to
install a honeypot unless you are interested in helping development."
I wonder if such a program can enter the Debian archive. Maybe a DD
could give his opinion about that?

About the packaging itself, I think you could use debhelper 8 and
simplify debian/rules.

There is an extra blank line, I don't know if it is disturbing or not.

debian/README.debian should be debian/README.Debian.

-Please see /usr/share/doc/webhoneypot/README.debian for details.
+Please see /usr/share/doc/webhoneypot/README.Debian for details.

* Consider updating to the last DEP-5 format (there is a lot of changes
  since r135).
* The "Licence" field should include the GPL copyright notice header.
* You should mention the copyright and license information for the
  packaging files with a section "Files: debian/*".

I think you should split this into several patches and document what
each patch is for, preferably using the DEP-3 format.

Hope this helps,


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