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Re: RFS: trng

On 08/05/11 17:09, Alessandro Ghedini wrote:
   - Why are you overriding dh_compress? According to Debian Policy,
     additional documentation should be compressed unless it's small. Let
     dh_compress decide wheter it is needed or not to compress it.
     (also, compressed pdf.gz files are supported by most pdf readers, hence
     there's no reason to not compress it)

Ok, I'll allow dh_compress to gzip the pdf. But why does it only compress some of the example files?

After removing the dh_compress for the examples/ directory, I get:

$ ls /usr/share/doc/libtrng-doc/examples

bernoulli_dist.cc distributions.cc.gz Makefile.gz pi_block_openmp.cc pi_leap_mpi.cc stl_container.cc correlated_normal_dist.cc hello_world.cc Makefile.in.gz pi_block_tbb.cc pi_leap_openmp.cc time.cc.gz discrete_dist.cc Ising_model.cc.gz pi_block_cuda.cu pi.cc plausibility_test.cc.gz discrete_dist_c_style.cc Makefile.am pi_block_mpi.cc pi_leap_cuda.cu sample_output.cc

Some files have been compress, but most of them have not.

This happened before, but also now after having removed the libtrng-doc.install and replaced it with the files libtrng-doc.docs and libtrng-doc.examples

Best regards
Torquil Sørensen

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