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What to do about libofx?

The package libofx has not been updated in three years, and has severe
outstanding (fixed in upstream) crash bugs against it. The result of
this is that gnucash will crash if one attempts to import data from
american express into it. It appears that upstream has tried
contacting the maintainer[1] recently with little success; I have sent
an email of my own a few days ago, and am CCing him on this mail as

I've created an updated version of the package and pushed it to
github[2] as a git-buildpackage formatted repository; in a situation
like this, should I wait for a while to see if my own mail to the
maintainer is responded-to, or simply go and request a NMU here
immediately? If the latter, is the github package good enough, or
should I upload to mentors.debian.org?

Also, in the package I pushed, I made a number of lintian fixes and
other cleanups; would these be considered beyond the scope of a NMU?

Please note: As I use Ubuntu on my desktop computer, I'm not sure if
I'd be a good candidate for a proper maintainer, as I can't test in a
native debian environment. I have, however, performed cowbuilder
builds using a debian-unstable chroot environment, and tested the
resulting binaries with gnucash on my ubuntu system. If this isn't a
problem, though, I'd be happy to take maintainership of the package.

[1] - http://gnucash.1415818.n4.nabble.com/Getting-LibOFX-0-9-4-in-distributions-td3463572.html
[2] - https://github.com/bdonlan/libofx

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