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Re: packaging a new qt application with 2 components

On Wed, 2011-02-23 at 07:53 +0100, Lars Buitinck wrote: 
> 2011/2/22 Steven <redalert.commander@gmail.com>:
> But I'm not sure Debian would benefit much from a -dev package that
> only exists to build a single other package. I'll leave it to the
> Debian Developers on this list to comment on that, though.
In this particular case, there wouldn't be much benefit for a
dynamically linked library either I think, but it wouldn't hurt anybody
if it was there.

> But does checking out the SVN get you the entire application? Or does
> that require two checkouts to get both kernel and gui branches? (Long
> time since I last used SVN...)

That actually depends a bit on which level you do the checkout, as
opposed to Git, partial checkouts are very common with SVN. That said,
the 'normal' operation in this case is a checkout of each component,
because if you checkout on a higher level you end up on the root of the
repository at a specified revision (usually HEAD), that includes all
components, language files, branches, tags (as these are just copies of
a complete folder at a given time), etc.

> > The application was originally developed for Windows, but after some
> > time a community member did the necessary work to make the
> > 'kernel' (almost) compile on Linux and Mac OSX systems. He then started
> > writing a basic Qt gui to replace the native Windows gui. Both the
> > Windows and Linux branches exist in SVN, and so does the Qt gui.
> I'm getting very curious. What is this application?

It's an Ogame battle simulator called SpeedSim (Ogame itself is a free
online mmo browser game, space combat is daily business).
SpeedSim homepage: [1]
SVN repository links can be found at: [2]
Forum discussion thread about the Linux/Mac OSX version (Qt): [3]
My changes are not (yet?) merged back into the SVN repository, as I'm
not entirely sure what will happen with the git merge commit.
My git repositories (gitweb, clone url inside) can be found at
[4](kernel) and [5](gui), these only contain the branch for the Linux
version of the kernel and the QT gui.
License is GPLv2.

Kind regards,

[1] http://www.speedsim.net
[2] http://sourceforge.net/projects/speedsim/develop
[3] http://forum.speedsim.net/viewtopic.php?t=398
[4] http://stevenleeuw.kwik.to/git/?p=speedkernel.git
[5] http://stevenleeuw.kwik.to/git/?p=qtsim.git

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