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Re: RFS: Dropbox

On Sun, 20 Feb 2011, Vincent Cheng wrote:
> > Fix the legal problems and have Dropbox provide the sources for the
> > binaries provided by Dropbox.
> Thanks; I didn't think of that. However, I still haven't received any reply
> from upstream for my initial e-mail. If Dropbox replies to my e-mail, then
> I'll try asking for the sources of those various libraries, but it looks
> like upstream is unresponsive at the moment.

If they do not react to request for sources for the GPL/LGPL components,
you can always contact people who deal with gpl violations (FSF,

It's very effective usually.

> If Dropbox provides the sources, would it simply be ok to include the
> binaries along with all the source code, or would I have to set up a build
> system where all the 50+ libraries in Dropbox have to be built from source
> during the build process? The latter option would probably result in a long
> and complicated build system, but I guess that might indeed be the only way
> to package Dropbox.

For a package in main, you have to build the binaries from the sources.

For a package in non-free, it's less of a problem.

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