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Re: RFS: Dropbox

On Sat, Feb 19, 2011 at 1:58 PM, Ivan Borzenkov <ivan1986@list.ru> wrote:
19 февраля 2011 13:24:36 вы писали:
> I've uploaded Dropbox again to Debian mentors; it includes several
> suggested fixes, and it's now one step closer to possibly being accepted
> into Debian. (This isn't my final upload though.)
You have deleted all precompiled libraries.
Are you sure that this will work?
I also honestly tried to delete the library, but it worked until the first
update - after that dropbox has crashes.
Unfortunately the linux bad monitor binary compatibility, which is why the
archive includes a library.
I understand that you may be lucky and everything will work, but still see the
old bugs in the tracker - the bug is already evident.

Иван Борзенков <ivan1986@list.ru>

I admit that I have no idea whether this will work, and if it is safe to package Dropbox like this. However, since it seems that Dropbox is unlikely to ever make it into the Debian archives if it still contained pre-compiled libraries, this was the only alternative I had. It looks like this won't work either, if Dropbox crashes and refuses to work properly.

I'm now out of ideas; is there any other way of packaging Dropbox? Or should I simply give up on ever seeing Dropbox in the repositories again?


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