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Re: RFS: libnet-akamai-perl (updated package)


some minor nitpicks:

 · debian/control: The package description include an trailing line with
   just a dot.  I also recommend mentioning the upstream distribution
   name, i.e. "Net::Akamai is a Perl module to interact...".  This way
   it can be found when using `apt-cache search Net::Akamai'.
 · debian/copyright should refer to /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL-1
   (instead of the unversioned file); while at it you might want to
   s,Debian GNU/Linux systems,Debian systems, as we have Debian/kFreeBSD
   now as well.
 · debian/libnet-akamain-perl.docs: README is just a copy of the POD
   documentation that is also available as a man page.  There is no need
   to include one more copy.

I also have to include advertisement for the Debian Perl Group which
makes it very easy to find sponsorship for Perl modules; see [1] for
more information.


[1] <http://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebianPerlGroup/Welcome>

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