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Re: RFS: gnome-icon-theme-faenza


Adnan Hodzic <adnan@foolcontrol.org> writes:
> * Package name    : faenza-icon-theme
>   Version         : 0.8-1
> I listened to and did what Julien told me to do, in tarball there's a
> original tarball with all the files, while the whole procedure of
> setting up GNOME main menu icons and rest of the configuration for
> Arch Linux, Debian, Fedora, Frugalware, Linux Mint, OpenSuse, Mandriva
> and Ubuntu through a script called Faenza Setup Script which I placed
> into postinst. Read the rest of it in changelog and README.Debian.

I am sure that Julien meant to at most setup the start-here and
distributor-logo in the postinst script, not running upstream's
interactive(!) install script there.  Setting them up at build time
should however be preferred.

The maintainer scripts are also broken: They ignore any arguments passed
to them, are interactive, the #DEBHELPER# token that might be replaced
with shell script snippets by debhelper is abused, touch $HOME, ignore
errors, overwrite files from other packages, ...

At first glance I don't see anything in the maintainer scripts that
could not be done at package build time.  If you want to support
different distributor logos, you can do so with `dpkg-vendor', but that
can be added at a later time as well.

Does the upstream tarball include both the Faenza directory and
Faenza.tar.gz tarball?  It looks like both contain the same files.


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