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Re: RFS: admesh (updated package)


Anton Gladky <gladky.anton@gmail.com> writes:
> I have fixed the package according to your suggestions and would be
> glad if you have a look at them.

The package builds fine and DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS=nostrip works as well.
Some issues remain (some of them are new, but all easy to change):

 · Please wrap long lines in debian/changelog.
   lintian: debian-changelog-line-too-long
 · There is one more mentioning of /usr/doc/ in the man page:
   It refers to /usr/doc/copyright/GPL, but should refer to
   /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL-2 (and the text above as well).
   I did miss this before.
   lintian: FSSTND-dir-in-manual-page
 · debian/copyright has a "[LICENSE TEXT]" template where the license
   should be included (or in this case referred to the file above).
   Also please use "GPL-2+" (for GPL 2 or later).
   See for example the copyright information for a Perl module:
   lintian: copyright-should-refer-to-common-license-file-for-gpl
 · Please call dh_md5sums just before dh_builddeb to include checksums
   of the package contents.
   lintian: no-md5sums-control-file
 · (very minor) debian/control: The Depends: line has two spaces.  One
   should be enough.
   lintian: debian-control-has-unusual-field-spacing (--pedantic)

There is one more lintian warning about debian/watch. The following
seems to find at least the current version:

  http://www.varlog.com/index.html .*admesh-(.+)\.tar\.gz

See uscan(1) for more information about debian/watch.

Please run lintian on your package. It will detect many common packaging
problems. I usually use `lintian -iI *.changes': it will display an
explanation for all issues and look for some more, less important
mistakes. (The last lintian warning I mention is only shown when using
the `--pedantic' option, but those might not always be of interest.)
Note that you should always use the latest version (2.4.3 right now).

Thanks for your work :-)


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