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Re: libfoo.so.X symlink not created at build time

On Wed, Jan 05, 2011 at 11:41:40AM +0100, Bernhard R. Link wrote:
> > I think I have understood you. So, in this case I am showing I don't need the
> > symlinks of type libfoo.so.X because the SONAME is itself the libfoo-x.y.z.so.
> yes.

Thanks for confirming this. 
> >
> > > If you have something like libfoo-X.so there, then this is not a
> > > development symlink, but the SONAME symlink. (so if any doc says
> > > .so.X they mean -X.so in that case and if they say .so they mean the
> > > real .so file and not the -X.so).
> > >
> >
> > Then, I should provide in the library package _only_ the lib*-x.y.z.so files,
> > and obviously the *.la and *.so development symlinks into -dev package. Please,
> > correct me if I am wrong.
> yes.
> Also note that your soname now includes the whole 0.7.5 part, so that
> this number should most likely be part of the library package *name*.
> (as the -1 seem to have been before).

Yes. I had read that in the Library Packaging Guide. 

> > Now, packages which depends on this library to build are going to fail with this
> > change.
> Things that build-depend on this package should most likely still be
> build-able with the -dev package installed. (Unless that version changes
> something else in comparison to packages already in the archive).

I hope that most of them be able of build with the -dev package installed. But I
tried with one that I maintain and it failed. 

> > It can be said that a library transition has to be done. I'll rebuild
> > packages gotten by executing apt-cache rdepends, and contact maintainers.
> If the API did not change, then those packages might only need an
> binNMU.


> Also note that as the version in the soname seems to be the whole version
> of the library (at least I guess so, as it is as 0.7.5 seems quite
> similar to the package upstream version of 0.6.2 in sid),
> every future minor upstream release will most likely change the soname and
> need a full library transition cycle (and perhaps waiting for NEW and so on).

That is pretty bad, the need of a full library transition cycle for every minor
upstream release :( 

> In other words: Unless you have some LART big enough to get upstream
> to switch back to stable ABIs, think twice if you want to keep
> maintaining this library or if simply droping it from Debian might be
> the better solution. I fear it might be everything but pleasent to deal with
> this all the time.

I think I lean more for trying first to talk to upstream about this. Not sure if
I will succeed in this, either. 

> If you keep maintaining it, I'd also suggest asking the release team for
> advice (as they will have to deal with those transitions). Ideally after
> squeeze release, though.

OK. Yes, I was thinking in uploading this after squeeze is released to not
interfere with the process of releasing. 

Thank you very much for your help. 
Muammar El Khatib.
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