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Re: RFS: yade-0.60

On Mon, Dec 27, 2010 at 10:55:38PM +0100, Anton Gladky wrote:


> "yade-0.60" provides virtual package "yade". We want to have multiple
> versions installed in parallel. This is a very specific software. Modeling
> process can last months, but in most cases different versions of "yade" are
> not compatible, that is why we have to support several stable versions.

That requires dedication. I'm not sure, but maybe DDs from debian-science
might be interested to support this endeavour.

Beside that I had a short look at general non-technical things:
* The changelog doesn't close an ITP bug.
* egrep -ir 'copyright' reveals that your debian/copyright doesn't reflect
  all the contents of the package.
  is a good starting point.

And please feed the package to the latest version of lintian (e.g. not the one
from Lenny, in this case use the backport), you'll find some more things to take
care of.

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