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Re: Debhelper: LDFLAGS

I see that the variable has to be exported. But an "export LDFLAGS='-Wl,--as-needed'" (the
dpkg-buildflags result here is empty) in debian/rules here doesn't work either.

Did I got it right: my builder debuild is a wrapper for dpkg-builpackage which calls dpkg-buildflags
to set the FLAGS (why between two dh_cleans?). The FLAGS then are efficient during the run of
./configure, isn't it?


On 19.12.2010 19:16, Peter Pentchev wrote:

> When you say that setting the custom LDFLAGS doesn't work, have you
> actually exported them? :)  If you just do LDFLAGS=... or LDFLAGS != ...
> or LDFLAGS := ..., make(1) will only use the new value *within the Makefile
> itself*, it won't be passed to child processes such as the configure script.
> Also, are you aware of the dpkg-buildflags utility available in recent
> versions of dpkg-dev? :)
> G'luck,
> Peter

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