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RFS: LeechCraft

Dear mentors! I'm looking for a sponsor for the leechcraft_0.4.55.72. This is my first try to include this package in Debian.

Short description:

  LeechCraft is a free modular "Internet client" application.

  LeechCraft allows to browse the web, read RSS/Atom feeds, download
  files via BitTorrent, HTTP, FTP and DC, automatically stream,
  download or play podcasts and other media files and much more.

  Features can be easily added via plugins that can be integrated with
  each other with no effert while staying abstract from the exact

Binary packages:

leechcraft - Core executable of LeechCraft
leechcraft-dbg - Debug symbols for LeechCraft
leechcraft-dev - Files required for developmen for LeechCraft.
leechcraft-full - Full LeechCraft installation
leechcraft-iconset-oxygen - Oxygen-based iconset for LeechCraft
leechcraft-iconset-tango - Iconset based on the Tango project for LeechCraft
leechcraft-libplugininterface0.3.0 - Common library for LeechCraft
leechcraft-libxmlsettingsdialog0.3.0 - Dynamic settings dialog builder for LeechCraft
leechcraft-plugin-aggregator - RSS/Atom feed reader for LeechCraft
leechcraft-plugin-anhero - Crash handler for LeechCraft
leechcraft-plugin-auscrie - Screenshooter for LeechCraft
leechcraft-plugin-azoth - XMPP messenger for LeechCraft
leechcraft-plugin-chatter - IRC client for LeechCraft
leechcraft-plugin-cstp - HTTP client for LeechCraft
leechcraft-plugin-dbusmanager - D-Bus side of LeechCraft
leechcraft-plugin-deadlyrics - Song lyrics finder for LeechCraft
leechcraft-plugin-historyholder - History keeper for LeechCraft
leechcraft-plugin-kinotify - Fancy notifications for LeechCraft
leechcraft-plugin-lcftp - FTP client for LeechCraft
leechcraft-plugin-lmp - Media Previewer for LeechCraft
leechcraft-plugin-networkmonitor - Network monitor for LeechCraft
leechcraft-plugin-newlife - Settings importer for LeechCraft
leechcraft-plugin-poshuku - Web browser for LeechCraft
leechcraft-plugin-poshuku-cleanweb - Ad filter for Web browser for LeechCraft
leechcraft-plugin-poshuku-filescheme - file://-schemes support for the Web browser for LeechCraft
leechcraft-plugin-poshuku-fua - Fake user agent plugin for Web browser for LeechCraft
leechcraft-plugin-poshuku-wyfv - Flash video replacer for Web browser for LeechCraft
leechcraft-plugin-secman - Security Manager plugin for LeechCraft
leechcraft-plugin-secman-simplestorage - Simple storage backend for SecMan
leechcraft-plugin-seekthru - OpenSearch-support plugin for LeechCraft
leechcraft-plugin-shellopen - Support for opening files with external apps in LeechCraft
leechcraft-plugin-summary - A quick summary of what's going on in LeechCraft
leechcraft-plugin-tabpp - Tabbing experience enhancer for LeechCraft
leechcraft-plugin-vgrabber - vkontakte.ru
plugin for LeechCraft

dget http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/l/leechcraft/leechcraft_0.4.55.72.dsc


Daniel Guzanoff

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