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Re: RFS: fdclone (updated package)

2010/12/4 Elías Alejandro <ealmdz@gmail.com>:
>> Ok, that still doesn't tell me why an empty file needs to exist.
>> Since it is empty, surely it has no effect on the package.
> Exactly, no bad effect on the package. It allows to the user
> make its own configuration  to avoid edit /etc/fdclone/fd2rc
> itself for smooth upgrade. (README.Debian)

I see. If upstream changes the configuration file format often you may
want to look at implementing a Config::Model backend for it so that
you can safely upgrade users configuration files automatically.

Also, the README.Debian contains bunch of unneeded detail. A lot of
the listed changes are what Debian users would expect because of
Debian policy. I would remove points 1-3, 5-6, 8, 10.

>> Minor nitpick, the -r option means recursively remove a directory.
>> Since you are removing a file, no need to use it :)
> ok. you win. :)

It wasn't my intention to win, just to educate you a little ;)

>> In comparison to yours, it doesn't mention the following irrelevant detail:
> About the changelog, I've followed your advice and add a item. Finally:


Please send the patches upstream too.

Also, looking at the output of `whohas fdclone`, I found some more
patches you may want to let upstream know about:




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