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Re: RFS: kstars-data-extra-tycho2 (third try)


So here comes the review from the guy claiming he wouldn't sponsor that package

> Well, besides your suggestion on the default of kstarsrc-does-not-exist (since 
> the user is asked for all options), and the fact that I'm not parsing (yet) 
> the configuration file, this is a new iteration of the package.
> I hope everything is all right now :) and I can search for a sponsor now :)

Well, I'd actually be willing to sponsor your package, but the following review
tells that it's not completely ready yet and will need another iteration. Let's

- debian/config vs. debian/config.THIS: What is the point of those *two* files?
  Is one of them (.THIS) just a backup version? What is the
  "kstarsrc-previously-exists" debconf value actually good for? Are you sure you
  need that?
- debian/control: It would be nice to synchronize your package description with
  that of kstars-data. Well, and the short description (1) should not start with
  a capital letter; (2) should definitely be *short* and not be any longer than
  60 characters; (3) need not be a complete sentence; (4) should make clear that
  this is related to kstars. Again, take a look at the kstars-data package.
- debian/copyright: It would be nice if it were formatted according to DEP-5,
  see http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep5/. Furthermore I believe there was some
  discussion about the license of this data file. I re-read the discussion in
  #597202, but where do I find information that this dat-file is GPL-licensed?
  BTW: Is there some source-file for this .dat-file? Most likely nobody put
  together this binary file by hand. In this case it would be a lot nicer to
  have the source file in the source package and only ship the .dat file as
  built from the source package as binary package.
- debian/docs: README.source doesn't quite sound like a filename that should go
  in the binary packages. Benoît suggested it as only candidate for debian/docs,
  but I believe you should rather just delete debian/docs.
- debian/README.Debian: That file is supposed to contain information about
  Debian-specific changes, hints for configuration, etc. Probably better just
  delete this file.

Hope this helps,

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