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Re: RFS: robocut

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Thank you David for reviewing my package. It would be good if a QT
developer could verify my assumptions, please everybody see my
comments below:

On 2010-12-03 20:19, David Bremner wrote:
> On Sun, 28 Nov 2010 20:46:23 -0500, Markus Schulz
> <schulz@alpharesearch.de> wrote:
>> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "robocut".
>> * Package name : robocut
>> Version : 1.0.4-1
>> Upstream Author : Tim Hutt <tdhutt@gmail.com>
>> * URL : https://launchpad.net/robocut
>> * License : GPL V3
>> Section : graphics
>> It builds these binary packages:
>> robocut - Control program for Graphtec cutting plotters
> Hi Markus;
> I'm not quite ready to upload a package I can't test. Also, I think this
> package probably needs somebody comfortable with QT. Nonethless here are
> some comments that may help move things forward.
I also don't know much about QT, I never used it before.
> ...
I did contact Tim Hutt to get the needed information, I corrected
everything as much as possible.

> Some things to think about:
> - debian/copyright looked OK, although I'm not sure you need the header
> at the end. Isn't that covered by the packaging copyright statement?
I removed it.
> - You ship quite a few generated source files. Please double check that
> these can be generated with the tools in Debian; a surefire way to do
> that is do to it at build time.
I think this is all done with QT, qmake and make generate all the
files as far as I know. QT developer?
> - images are a constant source of copyright issues; you might want to
> make some statement in debian/copyright that the files in images/
> are the source; i.e. they are not generated from some other files.
Tim didn't had the copyright, all the images were recreated by me and
all have copyright and GPL notice inside the file now.
Do I need to add something to the debian/copyright file now?
> - If you have the packaging in version control somewhere, you should
> add
> Vcs-$system (e.g. Vcs-Git) and Vcs-Browse fields. If not, why not?
I added this to the control file.
> - I'm not a big fan of binaries that start with capital letters. That is
> just my personal opinion.
It's lower case now
> - I thought the homepage url was broken, but maybe it is supposed to say
> "Launchpad does not know where Robocut hosts its code.".
> In which case, since you are upstream, maybe you could fix that?
I created a linked branch... I think this should fix it.

There is a menu file, but I did add a .desktop file that is copied via
install file to /usr/share/applications - I'm still not sure if this
is needed for Debian (for sure it's needed for Ubuntu) but I found
this bug #471254 (consider shipping a .desktop file).

I did a new version 1.0.5-1 and uploaded it.

Best Regards,
Markus Schulz
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