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Re: RFS: triggerhappy [fixed mistake in URL]

Stefan Tomanek wrote:
> Dies schrieb Benoît Knecht (benoit.knecht@fsfe.org):
> > I see you've now opened a bug for your package (#603842), but you still
> > need to close it in your changelog. And it should be an ITP bug owned by
> > you, not an RFP.
> I opened that bug before I uploaded the package here, hoping that someone
> else might pick up that torch :-)

I understand :) But now that you're packaging it, you should let people
know by retitling the bug to ITP and setting yourself as the bug owner
(otherwise someone else might start working on it too, only to discover
the work has already been done). And don't forget to add "(Closes:
#603842)" to your changelog.

> > Besides that, I still believe it would be best to run the daemon as a
> > regular system user by default, and let the user decide if root
> > privileges are required (with a commented-out option in
> > /etc/default/triggerhappy with some explanation about when and why it
> > should be run as root, for example).
> Do you think "nobody" would be sufficient, or should triggerhappy create
> a dedicated user account for that?

I guess "nobody" is okay, unless the daemon needs to access files that
should only be read-/writable by it.


Benoît Knecht

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