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Debian and Patents (was: Re: RFS: packagekit)

In <AANLkTimrBa0hxTh3kQ-Fik9G57M8iQBZcJF1F0RYYcYQ@mail.gmail.com>, Praveen A 
>I was reading through the wiki and found this,
>* Debian does not include software that is encumbered by software patents.
>This statement is correct for Fedora, but we have many *known* patent
>encumbered software in our repos like mp3 codec, ffmpeg etc. So I
>think, this item can be removed.

I thought the patent encumbered software was banned from the repos due to 
legal risk to SPI.  I get my ffmpeg and mp3 stuff from the debian-multimedia 
repositories which, while good, are not official.
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