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Re: RFS: faenza-icon-theme

Hi there.

On Aug 30 2010, Adnan Hodzic wrote:
> * URL             : [http://tiheum.deviantart.com/art/Faenza-Icons-173323228]

I just did a quick look and you are right that this theme is indeed

> My motivation for maintaining this package is: [I want to build a
> whole theme, and these icons are part of it. IMHO these are most
> popular and most sexy icons right now, it would be great if they were
> in Debian officially].

What about the other parts? Just to have an idea of where this is going to...

> - dget http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/f/faenza-icon-theme/faenza-icon-theme_0.7.dsc

IANADD, but I took a few minutes to see what you did.

* One of the first things was that the long description of the package
  has its lines split.

  Any particular reason for that? That's annoying. Are you trying to
  circumvent the lintian message that your long description may be too

  You can surely put some other text there to give the users a better
  idea of what the theme is about (and it being beautiful would be bad
  if skipped).

* You state in the debian/copyright file that the license is GPL, but
  the text is GPLv3+ and you provide instructions for the user saying
  that the text of the GPL on Debian systems is under a versioned name.

  It is better to make everything versioned here.

* You claim copyright on the Debian packaging, but what is the license?
  If you don't specify it, then it is possible to interpret that your
  work mixed with the upstream GPL is not distributable.

  A usual thing to do is to make your changes be the same as the rest of
  the package (with the added side effect that your changes can be
  integrated upstream easily).

* The index.theme file in the Faenza directory says that it inherits
  Humanity, ubuntu-mono-light, gnome. What about recommending/suggesting
  those packages, depending on the status of their Freedomness?


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