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Re: RFS: packagekit

On Sat, 28 Aug 2010 00:50:34 +0900, Ansgar Burchardt <ansgar@43-1.org>
> Matthias Klumpp <matthias@nlinux.org> writes:
>> Before you complain about this after review: Do you know a way to
>> the automatic patch creation which was introduced with the 3.0 deb
>> format?
>> PackageKit updates the documentation and other files during build. This
>> is
>> not undone in make distclean, so debhelper creates a huge patch in
>> debian/patches, which is really ugly.
> It's not specific to the 3.0 source format, the changes would also show
> up in the .diff.gz with the old format.
> If the updated files are not needed for the next build, you can just
> remove them in the clean target, either by listing them in debian/clean
> with debhelper >= 7 or manually in debian/rules.
I already do this, but the problem is that the script changes files, it
does not only create new ones.
So I'm completely unable to restore all files.

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