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Re: how to correct missing changelog information?

>From what I've read:

On 07/21/2010 08:01 AM, Eric Cooper wrote:
> I recently uploaded a new version of a package and forgot to include 
> a (closes: #NNN) line in the changelog for a bug that was closed.  I 
> can easily close the bug using the mailserver, but what is the right 
> way to correct the changelog file?
You're not supposed to change it, just close the bugs manually.
> Will it break anything if I simply "revise history" and change the 
> earlier version's entry the next time I do an upload?
Not that it will break anything, it's just a bad practice.

>From the Debian Developer's Reference:

5.8.4 [1]:
> Do not close bugs in the changelog entry of a version if the changes 
> in that version of the package don't have any bearing on the bug.

6.3.2 [2]:
> The only bugs closed with a changelog entry should be those that are
>  actually fixed in the same package revision.

6.3.3 [3]:
> If for some reason you didn't mention the bug number in a previous 
> changelog entry, there's no problem, just close the bug normally in 
> the BTS. There's no need to touch the changelog file, presuming the 
> description of the fix is already in (this applies to the fixes by 
> the upstream authors/maintainers as well, you don't have to track 
> bugs that they fixed ages ago in your changelog).




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