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Re: RFS: mediadownloader

On 07/15/2010 05:29 PM, Thomas Koch wrote:

I'm not a DD. Could you please compare your package with clive, which already is in the archive and decide, whether it's worth to have mediadownloader too?

Hi Thomas,

thanks for interest.

I take a look at clive, its a very good app. Most relevant difference from Mediadownloader is the gui. It can display results of a search within a thumbnail grid (resizable and scrollable) and with a double click it can play youtube video (or visualize the image if the thumbnail is the result of a Google Image search). It can also download all results at once.
Here the description I gave:
Mediadownloader (ex GoogleImageDownloader) is an opensource software that let you search, watch and download items with Google Image and YouTube. Search results are displayed within a mouse scrollable view, as well as mobile devices do. You will see thumbnails that are conform with your search criteria, doubleclick to view, rightclick to popup a menu and choose to download the single image or video, remove from global downloads or browse the web page. A tip for search all images in specific domain is to just leave the search field blank and fill the field "in this domain" with the address of the site you want (for example "www.flickr.com"). In the YouTube tab you can search Top Rated, Top Favorites, Most Viewed etc. or search with words,
if you want a specific video, you can insert its 11 chars id.
Set an image as wallpaper is only supported on Gnome, Kde 3.5 and windows.
Choose which to remove and download them into a specific folder with choosen naming.

and here some screenshots:

It's about a year I am into this and I published it on Qt-Apps and KDE-Apps:

I think it can be usefull to others and I will be very happy to see it in Debian repo. A wishlist is to make it scriptable to manage other internet video and images contribute sites.

thanks again

Kind regards
Marco Bavagnoli

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