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On the Bazaar version at Alioth.

Hello all,

I have recently been convinced to migrate a package maintenance
to a Bazaar repository at Alioth. The transfer itself was conducted
from a testing/squeeze system, and succeeded with some advice from
the previous maintainer.

I had a glimps of it already, during my first steps with Bazaar,
but now I observe that the version jump of Bazaar in Lenny,
Testing, and Alioth is so steep that a Lenny based system
can not collect content from bzr.debian.org.

Is this in order, or should there be some sort of notice to
developers, or the general public about this? After all,
the Bazaar location is made public in the control file.
Is the time lapse until Squeeze so short that this matter
deserves no action at all?

Best regards,

Mats Erik Andersson, fil. dr

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