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Re: RFS: sunpinyin - Simplified Chinese Input Method from SUN

On 星期二 29 6月 2010 13:45:15 Thomas Goirand wrote:
> Even though SCIM might soon reach end of life soon as upstream doesn't seem
> very active according to what I could read from others (can't remember
> where: on IRC or in a Debian list, but for sure in Debian) it is still use
> a lot. So I believe it might be a very good idea to also package the SCIM
> module, also because it could well be ported to other platforms (I'm
> namely thinking about Maemo (I'm using my Nokia N900 to write this
> email...)). Also, I think its a shame to package only a part of a program
> only because you use a part of it. Do you think you could as well port the
> SCIM module? I will test it for you (in both Lenny and lucid lynx), and
> help.
In fact, I want to build all frontend of sunpinyin, ibus, scim, xim, and 
standalone. As I mentioned, ibus-sunpinyin is just used to verify whether 
sunpinyin works or not. If you prefer to upload sunpinyin and its frontend 
together, I'll package and upload scim, xim and standalone frontend ASAP. 

> > ibus-sunpinyin may need minor tuning on Build-Depends and Depends
> > fields in   debian/control before they can be considered in good shape.
> > ibus-sunpinyin   depends on libsunpinyin-dev, so I don't have a simple
> > methord to compile it in   pbuilder. 
> Just don't use pbuilder and use a (much simpler) chroot then. debootstrap
> is your friend here. I am not a fan of pbuilder, I use a freshly setup VM
> to do the same kind of test pbuilder would, when I need to check for
> dependencies. Remember to desactivate automatic install of recommends if
> you do like me. Put this:
>    {
>       Install-Recommends "false";
>    }
> in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/20norecommends (for example) to do so, then install
> ONLY what is already in the build-deps of your package to check...
Thanks, I'll have a try. 

> > And I don't know how the upstream maintainer will release sunpinyin in
> > next   release, sunpinyin and all its frontend in one package or in
> > different package.   If they release everything in one package, I may
> > consider put everything in   one source package. This is the reason I
> > prefer to upload to experimental too.
> Well, in that case do get in touch with upstream. I do consider that
> upstream responsiveness is so important! Pinging them/him once is the
> minimum you should do, and you MUST be able to receive a valid, timely,
> answer. If you don't get any answer or consideration from them/him, just
> forget about doing the package maintenance work, unless you feel you are
> capable of forking and maintaining the full project!
I'll ask upstream author about this problem, in fact, Kov Chai is one of the 
upstream author.

Liang Guo

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