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Re: [Amavisd-new-debian-devel] RFS: amavisd-milter

Alexander Wirt schrieb:
>>> In particular, I would like you to contact the current
>>> amavisd-new maintainer wether he would like to collaborate on this.
>> Well I was already in contact with Alexander Wirt who sponsored my first try (was rejected by ftpmaster because it had some copyright issues), but it seems he is very busy these days :-/. Anyways I cc this mail to him and the amavisd-new list so the people responsible can comment on any problems they might see.
> Indeed. With my amavisd-new maintainer hat on and is former sponsor I can see
> the package is ok and can be uploaded! :)

So, are you uploading it or should I do it?

>>> Seeing the number of open bugs on his package, I'm not 100% sure wether
>>> he would want to do so, but you should check
>> If somebody wants to collaborate on the package I could move my mercurial rep to alioth to allow for a better access...
> I offered to use the amavisd-new mercurial repo before. 

Sounds like a reasonable thing to me.


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