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Re: RFS: egroupware (fixes critical bug)

Thomas Koch writes:
> Hi Lars,
> I know you'll hate me for this, but I'd like to suggest to drop eGroupWare
> from Debian. You may have invested a lot of time in the package by now.

It has been dropped for some months now: #574186, though an old version still 
left in stable.

> eGroupWare has been the first Open Source project I've been involved with
> back in 2006. I stopped working with eGroupWare because the code quality
> of the project was unbearable. Some time later two core contributors
> founded the tine project for the same reason. - eGroupWare itself started
> as a fork from the ancient phpGroupWare, also in some conflict I don't
> know enough about.
> eGroupWare is an ancient codebase from the beginnings of PHP (version 3?).
> For everything that people hate about PHP you can find examples in
> eGroupWare's codebase. It's a pain to develop or maintain this. Nobody
> should recommend eGroupWare to anyone. Debian should not ship it.
> I couldn't find the current eGroupWare SVN repo on the new homepage to look
> if the code has changed since I last saw it. - Why is the whole developer
> section dropt from the current homepage?

It is also my own belief that the only way to fix it is to rewrite it, from 
scratch and whoever intends to reupload once again should better think of it 
thrice ;-)

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