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Re: RFS: marave - 2nd Attempt (Question: Royalty Free License)

On Tue, Jun 15, 2010 at 9:55 AM, Chris <racerx@makeworld.com> wrote:

> Per the inspection from Paul, I mailed the folks at Partners In Rhyme
> about the use of the audio files from the email titled:
> Re: RFS: marave - 2nd Attempt
> There was some questioning about the copyrights that they have on their
> website so I thought I might try to pin down something a bit more exact.
> Here it the exchange posted. I hope this clears up the use of the files.
> If not, please let me know! I'll continue to work on a completed
> package by the weekend. Of course, all comments are welcome!

I personally wonder if they have read and understood the GNU GPL. For
example, what is the "source code" for those files?

They don't specify who owns the copyright on those files, I wonder if
a license can be valid without someone granting it.



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