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Re: A lot of pending packages

Tanguy Ortolo <tanguy+debian@ortolo.eu> writes:

> For the beginner's point of view, it looks like:
> * there are not enough DD with time to review all proposed packages;
> * to have more DD people have to apply;
> * applicants have to show their skills and motivation by… maintaining
>   packages, which requires sponsorship.

Not true. Applicants can show their skills and motivation by
contributing to existing packages. I would even argue that it's more
important to do that than to submit new packages.

Pick bug reports, submit patches to fix them, respond to feedback,
demonstrate persistence and patience and ability to learn by husbanding
those patches through to release with the existing maintainer. I have
great confidence that anyone hoping to become a DD will learn a great
deal about how Debian works by following this process.

Following this successfully will not only improve Debian where it's
sorely needed, but will also establish exactly the kind of relationships
you need to gain advocacy from others and smooth your entry into the

Bonus points for choosing packages which the maintainer has flagged with
a Request For Help (RFH) bug report; install the ‘devscripts’ package
and run ‘wnpp-alert’ frequently.

> So this looks like a vicious cirle.

Easily resolved by sufficient motivation and willingness to improve
Debian generally, rather than fretting about specific new releases.

> Failing to get sponsorship is very frustrating, because you make some
> work you find useful, and, because nobody validates it, it remains
> useless.

This is a very real problem, and the feeling of frustration is not to be
brushed aside.

However, in a way, it helps to redirect the focus to where it's needed:
relieving the load on *existing* package maintainers by helping them
with packages that are already in Debian.

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