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Re: Only in pbuilder: CMake can't find FLTK


Gary Briggs writes:
> I've been spending the last few days packaging up my pet project. I
> finally submitted it to the mentors website last night, but I'm aware of
> one problem building it, that I'm hoping someone knows how to solve. In
> one sentence, like the subject says:
> When building in pbuilder, CMake can't find FLTK.
> It isn't a problem on any of the other systems I support; various ubuntu
> flavors. Debian lenny, squeeze or sid, either on metal or in VMs.
> Opensolaris. Arch Linux. OSX. MinGW/MSYS. I've run it on armv5, amd64,
> x86, sparc, ppc [not that architecture usually has any bearing on build
> systems, but still...] - somehow, it only occurs at the intersection of
> pbuilder and sid.
> I have a complete buildlog here:
> http://icculus.org/~chunky/stuff/buildlog.txt
> Note that cmake, libfltk1.1-dev, fluid, pkg-config are all pulled in.
> But down in the cmake run, I see this line:
> -- Could NOT find FLTK  (missing:  FLTK_INCLUDE_DIR)
> I found someone online who has what sounds like a similar problem:
> http://groups.google.com/group/linux.debian.bugs.dist/browse_thread/thread/
> b85232f8026ed347/dea38cd2422a846f?lnk=raot&pli=1 I've used exactly that fix
>  for past projects [setting FLTK_INCLUDE_DIR manually-ish], but that
>  doesn't seem to fix it for me; neither when I put it in CMakeLists.txt [as
>  they do], nor when I set it on the
> command-line [using dh_autoconfigure override, pass
> "-DFLTK_INCLUDE_DIR=/usr/include" to cmake].
> My project's svn is here [the debian packaging is in trunk]:
> svn co svn://svn.icculus.org/obdgpslogger/trunk obdgpslogger-0.14
> If anyone has any deep thoughts or otherwise general mentor-ish
> pearls of wisdom, I'm very open to suggestion

I think your problem is related to bug #196003. You can temporary test it as 
you allow the compatibility symlinks to the header files (lowercase FL/*.h)

dpkg-reconfigure -plow libfltk1.1-dev

and answer 'yes'.

if it succeeds, the ultimate solution would be to fix the cmakefiles of your 
project to look for capitalcase FL/*.H.

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