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Re: web frontend location

On 28/04/2010 22:55, glaskoncILLa wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm preparing to apply as new Debian maintainer and I'm working on
> packaging of GestioIP application, http://www.gestioip.net/ , developed
> by Marc Uebel.
> Basicaly thats a IP address management application with web interface,
> based on perl cgi's sitting on mysql database.
> From what I've read till now in beginers manuals and find out
> investigating other similar packages, perl cgi's should be placed in
> /usr/share/gestioip directory.
> Thats kind of problem because application is originaly coded for taking
> place in /var/www/gestioip directory and changing that means either
> changing a lot of original code either some dirty quick fixes and we
> would like avoid that, if possible of course..
> So the question is; is it possible to put perl cgi's in
> /var/www/gestioip and stay compliant with Debian packaging rules?
> Thank you in advance.

That software looks configurable. Try it.

Also reading some policies might help :


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