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Re: RFS: mygui

On Thu, Apr 22, 2010 at 4:15 PM, Ihor Kaharlichenko
<cesar@mifprojects.com> wrote:

> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "mygui".

I'm not sponsoring additional packages right now, but here is a review:

You might want to join the Debian Games team to help maintain games
and related packages:


Please forward the patch upstream if you haven't already.

You might want to switch to dpkg-source v3:


The libmyguiengine3 package description can be less detailed since it
mostly will be automatically installed.

Standards-Version is out of date.

The homepage URL redirects to http://mygui.info/

It is better to put the Debian packaging under the same license as upstream.

You might like to switch to debhelper 7 rules.tiny style:


Your debian/watch file contains a lot of unnessecary lines.

Plugins/Plugin_AwesomiumWidget/KeyboardHook.* and other files have a
different copyright holder, you need to document that.

Platforms/OpenGL/OpenGLPlatform/include/GL/* are an embedded code copy
of glew. Please ask upstream to remove them and depend on them

Some files are LGPL v3 or later instead of LGPL v2 or later.

MyGUIEngine/include/MyGUI_UString.h is BSD licensed.

MyGUIEngine/include/MyGUI_Any.h is LGPLv3 and Boost licensed.

You might want to use the machine-readable copyright format:




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