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Re: Request a Sponsor for Typus Pocus

I'd suggest joining the Debian Games Team, you will find sponsors and
"testers" there. In exchange, we would hope you could help maintain
other games in Debian.

I looked at your tarball and have the following comments:

A normal tarball would contain a typuspocus-1.2.3 directory, but yours
contains trunk. I'd suggest using the standard './setup.py sdist'
command to create your tarballs in future.

Most of trunk/typuspocus/music is under a non-free license. You need
to remove every file that is licensed under the CC-BY-NC-ND license
and replace them with DFSG-free music. Some resources to replace them:


DFSG-free CC licenses are CC0, CC >= 3.0 and not any of NC or ND.

Please ensure that trunk/typuspocus/sounds doesn't have the same issue
as the music.

Generally one ships only the .po file in the tarball and the .mo is
created at build/install time.

A number of images mention they were created with Adobe ImageReady or
Photoshop, which are not free software. I'm wondering if
GIMP/Inkscape/etc are not good enough for that?

The icons look like they were generated from an SVG or similar, but I
don't see it in the tarball.

Some of the images look like they were taken from wikipedia, you'll
need to clarify the origin, copyright and license for each image.
Others look like they are rendered from SVG, Debian needs the source
code for those.

Some of the images contain rendered text, this prevents the app from
being internationalised and translated to other languages. I'm also
wondering if the font used in them is DFSG-free.

mano-easteregg.png is, um, interesting. I'd personally suggest to use
a less controversial image :)

A bunch of files are actually duplicates (run fdupes -r trunk), you
can save a lot of space by only shipping one copy of each or using
symlinks if you require both filenames to be available.

trunk/typuspocus/escenario/MagicSchoolOne.ttf is a non-free font "(c)
2004 Michael Hagemann www.FontMesa.com All Rights Reserved", please
remove it from the tarball.

trunk/typuspocus/escenario/DejaVu*.ttf are duplicates of the DejaVu
fonts. Please remove them from the source package, make the binary
package depend on the appropriate ttf-dejavu-* package and use
fontconfig or similar to find the right font at runtime.

trunk/typuspocus/audiencia/Copyright says the images are CC-licensed
and from www.stortrooper.com, unfortunately that is now a spam site
and the Internet Archive's Wayback machine for it is broken. You need
to clarify the exact copyright and license information for these.
Looking at the Internet Archive's Wayback machine for stor.co.uk, I
find very restrictive licenses, therefore I very much doubt these
images are under CC licenses:


trunk/typuspocus/countries.py could be replaced with loading the data
from iso-codes.

The manual page and desktop file should reside outside the debian/
directory and be installed by setup.py since they are not specific to

debian/changelog contains no ITP bug:


debian/changelog needs a Debian version number, so change it to 0.4.2-1.

Your package FTBFS in Debian because python 2.6 is not yet the default:

mkdir -p /home/pabs/tmp/trunk/debian/typuspocus/usr/games
mv /home/pabs/tmp/trunk/debian/typuspocus/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/typuspocus
mv: cannot stat
No such file or directory
make: *** [install] Error 1

In any case you should definitely not hard-code python version
information in debian/rules.

I'd suggest adopting debhelper 7 dh rules.tiny style debian/rules as
well as DEP-5:


lintian complaints once I hack around the FTBFS:

lintian --info --display-info --display-experimental --pedantic
--show-overrides --checksums --color auto
W: typuspocus source: missing-debian-source-format
I: typuspocus: description-synopsis-might-not-be-phrased-properly
I: typuspocus: extended-description-is-probably-too-short
I: typuspocus: font-in-non-font-package



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