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Re: RFS: aaphoto

Hi Joachim,

> please avoid top-posts (replying above the quoted mail, quoting the
> entire mail).


> The standard version is ok now. I noticed that you also converted the
> package to 3.0 quilt format. Unfortunately, this caused two more
> problems:
> - Remove debian/README.source: it's not needed in your case and
> currently contains only a template.


> - debian/copyright: At the very beginning of the file: it seems you
> did not modify the template here.


> Hint: use debdiff to compare package versions and to avoid unwanted
> changes.
> The debian/watch file does no longer work (you can check with "uscan
> --no-download"). Either fix the permissions on your webserver or use
> this line:
> http://log69.com/aaphoto.html downloads/aaphoto_sources_v(.*)\.tar\.gz
> Your versions tries to read the directory "downloads", while my
> version parses the HTML page.


> > I've uploaded it to mentors again.
> For future uploads: please include the URL of the .dsc file in your
> mail. That makes it much easier for potential sponsors (using dget).


> Another hint for the next upstream version: do not link with -lz. It's
> not needed (you are not using zlib directly).

I've already changed that in the next upstream version.

I updated the package on mentors too.


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