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Re: RFS: commit-patch

> >            The Motivation part sounds a bit like what git commit -p does
> > (bazaar has something similar)

Internally commit-patch uses "git apply --cached" when working with git. I
don't seem to have the '-p' option in the version of git I have installed.

> Yes, 'bzr patch foo.patch' will apply the changes from a patch file,
> optionally stripping some specified number of directory levels from the
> file paths to be patched.

Interesting. That doesn't seem to be documented in my bzr, but it appears to
apply the patch to the working directory instead of committing it. This is
not what commit-patch does--it commits the patch to the repository and
leaves your working directory as it was.

The 2 usage patterns I've found useful are:

  1) In emacs, C-x v v (vcdiff), edit the patch, C-c C-c to invoke

  2) From the command line, commit-partial. This is a variant of
     commit-patch that does a 'cvs diff' (or 'git diff', etc) and pulls the
     patch up in your editor so you can edit it and also supply a commit


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