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Re: RFS: opencbm (2nd attempt)

Simon Raffeiner <sraffein@stud.fh-offenburg.de> wrote:
> > What is this IEC bus?
> See IEEE-488 / IEC-625, it is a serial bus used mostly by Commodore
> and Hewlett Packard for a range of peripherial devices (digital
> measuring instruments, printers, floppy drives).

Actually, the bus used to connect peripherals to the C64 and VIC-20 is
not the (parallel) IEEE-488, but a proprietary stripped-down serial
version of it.  (AFAIK, no official name was ever given to this bus.)

The gpib-modules-source package, while (probably) appropriate for
Commodore PET peripherals, is therefore unable to communicate with C64
peripherals, for which OpenCBM is intended.

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