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Regarding GSoC

Hello everyone.

I am interested in participating in Google Summer of Code this year and have a project that pertains to the distribution of Debian over BitTorrent.This is somewhat a solution to the problem posted on the Idea List page (http://wiki.debian.org/SummerOfCode2010/RobustBitTorrentInfrastructure)

I had written a technical paper about it, which explains in detail as to how content distribution can be maximized in a BitTorrent download.

I won't say that it would be the solution to all your distribution problems, but yes - if implemented, Debian would be able to reduce some of the downtime/ congestion it suffers when using BitTorrent CDN.

If any mentor is interested, I can send over the paper; it has the idea explained in detail. After that, we can proceed accordingly.


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