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Re: The use of epoch in version

On Thursday 28 January 2010 17:34:18 Ben Finney wrote:
> "Boyd Stephen Smith Jr." <bss@iguanasuicide.net> writes:
> > If the upstream version is currently 1.2.3, and debian version is
> > something like 1.2.3-4, how about releasing Debian version
> > 1.2.4~repacked~1.2.3-1 with a new "upstream" tarball with version
> > 1.2.4~repacked~1.2.3. You avoid using an epoch and can continue
> > waiting on a real 1.2.4 from upstream.
> That would give the impression that the source being packaged was
> “really” version 1.2.4 in some sense. I don't get the impression that's
> true here; the source is still version 1.2.3, just packaged in a
> different way.
> Assuming that's true, then I would append a conventional ‘.ds1’ or
> ‘.ds2’ etc. to the existing version, declaring the original source to be
> version ‘1.2.3.ds1’, to show it has been repackaged *and* should be
> considered later than ‘1.2.3’. Hence, the release would be version
> ‘1.2.3.ds1-1’.

I figures the ~repacked~1.2.3 was probably enough of a tip off.  Doesn't 
matter to me.

Yours sort of works:
bss@rei:~% dpkg --compare-versions 1.2.3.ds1-1 lt 1.2.4; echo $?
bss@rei:~% dpkg --compare-versions 1.2.3.ds1-1 lt; echo $?

Russ Allbery's is probably best:
bss@rei:~% dpkg --compare-versions 1.2.3+real1-1 lt 1.2.4; echo $?
bss@rei:~% dpkg --compare-versions 1.2.3+real1-1 lt; echo $?
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