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Re: what between ITP and RFS ?

Jérémy Lal <jerry@edagames.com> writes:

> Imagine this common use case :
> - create an ITP

(missing step here: do all the packaging work. I raise this only because
it's distressingly common for people to announce their “Intent To
Package” long after they've already done it.)

> - then make the package available for sponsors (say, on mentors),
> - then send an RFS
> - later (sometimes a lot later, or even never), the package is uploaded
> Is there already a standard way of showing in the ITP
> that an RFS has been sent ?

I will often use the BTS to modify the ITP bug report by adding the
“pending” tag (meaning: this bug report is fixed, pending an upload of a
new release).

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