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Re: request for review: lbzip2-0.16rc1-1

There is one lintian warning:

I: lbzip2 source: quilt-patch-missing-description makefile

The package fails to unapply the debian patches in the clean rule. As
a result, some files get embedded in the diff.gz when built several
times in a row:


Please note that you need to remove the patches after running make
clean, since you patch the Makefile.

I get some GCC warnings when I add -Wall to the CFLAGS, like most
Debian source packages have.

I personally think you could merge the Makefile patch upstream. I've
attached what I think the Makefile and rules file would look like if
you do that. The changes I've made make it feel a bit more like an
automake project. If you were to throw autotools into the mix, you
could get rid of the first hunk of the manual page patch too. For the
second hunk, manual pages can contain a BUGS section. I understand
completely if you do not want to adopt my changes.



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