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Screwed up console keyboard


I do not intend to intimidate anyone, but I am
very disturbed by the disfunctionality of the
keyboard input in Lenny and testing/squeeze. It is
my hope this will be tested again, since it did
work in Etch, but never to my knowledge in Lenny,
nor in Testing, as I just built it.

Now, I want to use keyboard map "se-latin1" and
I expect it to produce identical output in every
virtual console. No talking about graphical context!
Well, the keyboard map is functional in at most
one tty at a time, and it is disabled after reboot,
even though dpgk-reconfigure is allowed to act
on "console-data" and "locales".

One clue that I do not understand yet, is a complaint
from dpkg-reconfigure when acting on "console-data",
that "--print-installation-architecture" is made
obsolete, but the corresponding config-script only
includes the more recent switch, so somehow the
is a mixture of mechanisms involved here.

My problem lies in vowels with diacritical signs,
like umlaut-vowels, apostrophed vowels and so on.
Most of the time there is no output at all.
It does not matter, wether I use a locale "sv_SE"
or "sv_SE.UTF-8". Sometimes digraphs are printed,
other times the correct vowels are printed from
programs, but I cannot input them at the keyboard.
I cannot accept a dependency on utf-8 in order
to use a native keyboard map. Sorry for that.

Please bear with me, but can you honestly claim
to have managed to use your native language with
a non-us keyboard on more that one virtual console.
I can only do it on my Etch installations! And I
am pretty sore from figuring out how to repair Lenny.
You are welcome to correct me if I am wrong, but
my failure to set up Squeeze with a swedish keyboard
really makes me disappointed. Thus this pledge.
I intended the install to test the "realloc-problem"
but I am now very distracted.

With regards

Mats Erik Andersson

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