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Re: RFS: aqemu (3rd try)

> Hello Marco,
>> sorry, I spoke too early :)
>> I just found something to correct: your orig.tar.gz file contains the
>> debian dir, while the upstream, does not. I think you should remove it
>> and
>> place it in the diff.gz file.
>> It is ok to keep debian/ in the orig.tar.gz if it is also contained in
>> the
>> upstream source (as it is in most cases).
> Can you please tell me where you got the .orig.tar.gz from?
> I just checked the .orig.tar.gz file that is available on m.d.n [1],
> but I can't seem find the debian/ directory:

This is exactly what I said... the upstream directory does not contain the
debian/ dir. BUT your orig.tar.gz file actually contains the debian/ dir.
This is wrong. The debian/ dir should be contained only in the .diff.gz

If you have problems in doing it right, we can talk on IRC late tonight.
Let me know.

> Would you prefer that I upload the 7.2.0 ou 7.3.0-Alpha2 version?

We could upload both: 0.7.2 in unstable, the aplha version in experimental.

> Again, thank you for your time.

No problem,


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