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Re: RFS: libvigraimpex (updated package)

* George Danchev <danchev@spnet.net>, 2009-09-04, 18:06:

I would be glad if someone uploaded this package for me.

I'm not that optimistic with the C++ code and symbols files.

First, yours appear to be architecture dependent:

Yes, I'm aware of that:

$ grep arch= debian/libvigraimpex2ldbl.symbols | c++filt
  (arch=!alpha !amd64 !ia64 !s390)vigra::void_vector_base::resize(unsigned int)@Base 1.5.0
  (arch=alpha amd64 ia64 s390)vigra::void_vector_base::resize(unsigned long)@Base 1.5.0

Second, there are problems: see #521569

Yes, using -c 2 or higher is a bit risky. But I don't do such things.

and the whole thread at:

Right, but since #521551 is fixed, providing symbols files for C++ libraries is not such a big issue anymore. (That reminds me that I am missing versioned build dependency on dpkg-dev.)

Third, as I can see from debian/rules, dh_makeshlibs won't pass any check
option to dpkg-gensymbols and the default -c1 is used which is a request for
FTBFS on certain architectures in that case.

So, I suggest we remove the symbols part or simply disable it (pass -c0 to
dpkg-gensymbols, as I did with one of my library packages bobcat) until a
better solution is found or GCC people accept the solution provided at:

I can pass -c0 to dpkg-gensymbols if you insist, but I don't think this is
really necessary.

Jakub Wilk

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