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Re: Re: soundconverter: want to help, can't contact maintainer

Jason Heeris wrote:

>> But all of this hard work only makes sense if the maintainance problem of
>> soundconverter is solved in the long term. Maybe you can see if a
>> packaging team, for instance http://wiki.debian.org/DebianMultimedia,
>> would like to adopt it, with you as a maintainer if you would like, of
>> course.
> That's something I hadn't thought of. Should it be under MM or GNOME,
> though?

The multimedia team is generally understaffed, and finding a sponsor within 
it can be troublesome. From the FAQ:

2.1. I have packaged new software. Can you upload it for me?

In general, we of course care for new multimedia packages. However we cannot 
sponsor packages on a regular basis. Please see DebianMentorsNet for a 
service aiming at this.

Felipe Sateler

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