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Re: RFS: azureus (updated package, fixes RC bug)

On Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 11:57 PM, Adrian Perez<adrianperez.deb@gmail.com> wrote:
> Sorry about the pixmap size, gimp really played at me on this ;)
> I've fixed all warnings, and now the package is entirely lintian clean
> (even with --pedantic). IMHO it's ready for uploading.

I have few comments about the package.

1. In the launcher script, use of Sun java is being forced. That's a
bad thing. Try to use java-wrappers to detect JRE, specify classpath
and hence simplify the launcher script.
2. You should block all the auto-updates for this package if it is
possible by patching the code. This makes sure that user is always
using the package shipped in distribution and there is consistency in
bug reports.
3. Is fastjar really a required build dependency?
4. Are you using any features specific to version 7 of debhelper? If
not then reduce the version in build-dep and adjust compat file
5. Why is junit a build dependency? I didn't see any tests being run
at the time of package build.
6. debian/build.properties should be debian/ant.properties. But  don't
think this is major issue.

Hope this helps.


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